1. Magnetic Phone Mount

    So, I took some time this last week to put together a magnetic cellphone car mount. The total cost came to about $15.

    The materials:
    - 1 x Garmin Nuvi suction cup mount = $15, Target
    - 8 x 1/16” by 1/4” neodymium disc magnets = $0, from a friend
    - 2 x Hard drive magnets = $0, from an old hard drive
    - Cloth tape
    - Superglue


  3. Headphone Pal

    Headphones wraps are a great way to keep your nice ear buds in ship shape. There are plenty of options out there (from dead fish to apple cores), but if you’ve got $2 and about 5 minutes, I’ll show you how to make your very own, two- (or one-) color headphone wrap!

    The key ingredient is a little thingy-ma-jigger called a Pen Pal. 


    The Pen Pal (and not the kind you wrote letters to in 2nd grade) is made of a soft silicon rubber, has an adhesive strip on the back, and, as their website says, is “the great little pen holder that you can stick anywhere.” So why would this be of any use when we’re trying to wrap up headphones? Check it out!:

    You’ll need:

    • 2 Pen Pals (I found several colors at OfficeMax for a buck each).
    • A pair of scissors.

    Step 1

    Peel the backing off of the adhesive strip on both of your Pen Pals.


    Step 2 

    Stick your two Pen Pals together in a mirrored fashion, as shown:

    Step 3

    With your scissors, cut a notch open on the top and bottom of your Pen Pals, like this:

    You’re done!

    Now just wrap your earbuds (or any other cord for that matter) around your new headphone pal!

    Here’s an example of how to wrap it:


  5. Android Customized

    I’m pretty proud of my new customized setup on my Samsung Galaxy SIII, and I just wanted to show it off and explain a little about how I did it.

    I’m running the LiquidSmooth Cyanogen Mod rom.

    • Stock lockscreen (with a note from my wife :P)
    • GoLauncher EX
    • Clock widget: BobClock D3
    • Weather widgets: Eye in Sky widgets (set for SLC and Orem)
    • Battery widget: Circle Battery Widget
    • Calendar widget: Zooper Widget Free
    • Custom icons: MetroStation Icon Pack
    • Folders: Standard GoLauncher folders (with MetroStation icons)
    • Drop down menu toggles: Elixir2 (with MetroStation icons)

    So there you have it!

    If you’ve tricked out your phone, made some cool tweaks, or just like how you have your icons placed, post some screenshots and comment below! ↓


  7. Touchscreen Gloves

    I’ve been looking into making capacitive touch screen gloves over the last couple of days. I found a good tutorial on converting your own gloves into touchscreen gloves. I also decided to take a look on Amazon.com to see how much money I’d be saving (or losing) if I did decide to make my own. I discovered that these gloves run from about $10 up to $70. While, on one hand, making your own touch screen gloves seemed relatively simple and, on the other hand, $10 is not too steep a price to pay for ready-made ones, I wasn’t totally convinced of either option. Well, today while doing some Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart, I stumbled upon something great: touchscreen gloves for 3 bucks! These gloves are a new twist on the old “magic” gloves. They’re knitted, stretchy, one-size-fits-all gloves and come in a variety of colors (viewable here on Wal-Mart’s website). While these gloves definitely won’t keep your fingers warm in a blizzard, they do do a pretty decent job, and you probably won’t be using your smartphone at that point anyway. For $3.00 it’s quite a deal! Check out the video above to see them work!

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